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Ó Dochartaigh Reunions 

Ireland and N. Ireland   

ÓDochartaigh Irish Reunion www.odochartaighreunion.com
Hosted every 5 years 1985-2005 by the ÓDochartaigh Irish Reunion Committee (formerly Derry and Inishowen reunion committees).

"The 2005 reunion was incredible. We had over 400 visitors from 10 countries including 39 US states traveling to Ireland to participate in the various events and activities." 

2008 July 1-10 - 400th anniversary of Cahir's death
Committee chairman: James "Sausage" Doherty
Reunion coordinator Eva Gremmert, email for info: odochartaighreunion@comcast.net
Derry Journal reunion article

2010 July 1-10...details to come

20?? we may begin to host the reunions in Ireland more frequently than the historical 5 year time frame.

North America

The ÓDochartaigh Association , based in the USA, supports the international reunion and encourages regional reunions in the USA. 
Contact: odochartaigh@odochartaighclann.org

ÓDochartaigh Reunions in the USA

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